Improve conversion rates by displaying an eye-catching banner on product pages to highlight the #1 reason why customers should buy from you.


Digital consumers have now become extremely impatient. People have an attention span of eight seconds, a decrease from 12 seconds back in 2000, according to a Microsoft study. And that human attention span decreases by 88% every year. These shortening attention spans make it very critical to quickly highlight the single most important selling point of our product/store. This can be done via catchy Banners placed near the Add to Cart button.

Appeal to your users with your unique story, mission, best qualities, special sales, insights, shipping speed, competitive advantage, customer testimonials, etc. With the Smart Product Description Icons app, you can customize banners for different customers and products based on conditions. 

Banners are a sure-shot way to increase sales when you have less time to convert restless shoppers.

Banners are available only for Pro Plans and above.