The Smart app allows creating highlights that display the total sale count for each product. It can be combined with the inventory left data field to create powerful social proof. Example:

 93 sold | 7 left  

The order counter can be displayed by adding the {{OrderCount}} dynamic data field in the badge text.

To allow the app to automatically calculate the order count for each product, click the 'Update Now' button.

The app will count the orders for each product in the last 3 months and update the database. Alternatively, you can manually configure the order count for each product.

The order count will then be incremented automatically every 24 hours to reflected the new orders.

You can also add a badge display condition based on product order count.


  • {{OrderCount}} dynamic data field and the Order Count Display Condition are available for Pro Plan users only.
  • If the account is downgraded after adding Highlights having Order Count, then those Highlights will stop being displayed.